Altruism in the Arts. Through Tickets.

About Us

We’re a non-profit social enterprise that raises funds for the arts and culture sector by partnering with ticketing platforms and venues.

Our system allows every person buying a ticket to become a patron of the arts through a simple contribution at check out.

If anyone purchases a ticket to the arts events they love, we want to provide the opportunity for them to share their love of the arts with audiences who otherwise would go without.

This money is then pooled with other Altruistix Patrons to purchase new tickets for underserved education and community groups to attend arts and culture events.

Ruari Elkington,

Altruistix Founder


of our funds go to new, paid tickets for underserved audiences.

“Our mission is to raise new funds, for new audiences, through Arts and Culture ticketing.”

Our Story

“What are some new ideas to better connect people with arts and culture events?”

ABC’s Radio National, 2015

When we heard this question posed on live radio in June of 2015 it consumed our attention because we too had felt these challenges in our communities.  With our combined background in education, arts, culture and technology we took on the challenge and using the following key understandings about how people connect with arts and culture events:


Tickets are a common thread linking many arts and culture events. Maybe the answer is just getting more tickets in the hands of more people? Make this easy and make them free!

Free Tickets

Free tickets have their own problems attached. Audiences usually don’t get to choose free tickets. As a result, free tickets can be seen as devalued. Audiences don’t commit to them as they would with paid tickets they select. Also, hard working artists and performers don’t get paid by creating more free tickets.

Paid Tickets

Maybe it’s not about more free tickets (because that’s easy) but about more paid tickets (because that’s hard). In thinking about how people might reach into their pockets and pay for these tickets we came to a key realisation. If people can do something good, and do it easily, they often will.

People love their arts and culture events. And they want to share them! People can be moved, altruistically, to contribute to a stranger’s ticket simply through a desire to share the events they love. People do this not only because it’s a good thing to do – but because it’s an easy thing to do. And it’s an easy thing to do at a time they are already spending money.

“It’s Altruism in the Arts. Through Tickets.”

Partner With Altruistix

If you’re a ticketing platform, venue, education or community group we’d like to hear from you. There are a variety of ways we can help you and your goals and through partnering with Altruistix you’re creating a pool of funds for tickets to be purchased at local venues across Australia.

Be a Patron of the Arts

Altruistix is a non-profit social enterprise that allows patrons to make a small additional contribution when they purchase tickets to the arts events they love.

Help Fund Paid Tickets

By partnering with Altruistix you are creating an additional pool of funds for tickets to be purchased across all your venues.

Create Social Capital

100% of funds raised go to new and deserving audiences. Your organisation can take part in a new generation of community and audience development.

Support Local Venues

We create a discrete Altruistix fund for each venue and in turn, deliver increased ticket sales and valuable community outreach for your whole organisation.

Working within a social enterprise business model we charge venues a nominal fee to fundraise for new tickets through their existing ticketing pathways, manage these funds, liaise with new audiences, purchase and deliver tickets for those audiences, ensure their attendance is recorded through text and vision and then share those stories with our ticketing, venue and patron contributor community. Altruistix as a business exists solely to enable positive social impact through increased, and more equitable, access to arts and culture.

“Our mission is to provide a paid-for Arts and Culture event ticket to every underserved person across Australia.”

How Does It Work

The opportunity with Altruistix is expanding audiences for arts and culture without de-valuing those events.  Passionate arts audiences make multiple, small contributions towards new tickets.  Ticketing agencies, venues and artists get paid for those tickets.  People who were unable to buy those tickets are given a chance to attend.  The value chain is maintained – both in terms of audience perception and arts incomes.

How it works in a nutshell…

  • Patrons commit to purchase tickets for their chosen event and venue.
  • Integrated within the purchase path is a single screen briefly identifying Altruistix and a specific education/community group who will directly benefit from that patrons contribution.
  • Patrons are given the opportunity to make a small suggested ($2, $5, $7) donation (or any sum they choose) to help that group attend a future event at that specific venue.
  • Patrons complete their purchase as normal and their Altruistix contribution is added to the total cost of their tickets at checkout.
  • Altruistix receives these funds with 100% being used to purchase new, paid tickets to events chosen by the education and community groups we partner with.
  • Contributing patrons are emailed and thanked when their contribution pools with other Altruistix members to become a ticket.


Do you have a particular demographic you would like to reach out to? Get in touch with our team and we’ll will find the right education or community group to connect with.

Contact Altruistix

If you’d like to speak to one of the Altruistix team, please send us a message using the form below or email us directly on info(at)